Ruko Bizhub Serpong Blok RE No. 18, Jl. Raya Serpong Puspitek No. 99, Kel. Pabuaran, Kec. Gunung Sindur, Kab. Bogor, Jawa Barat- Indonesia

PT. Citra Prada Rekatama

Your Enginering Partner Solution

Specialty Enginering

PT. Citra Prada Rektama is a specialty enginering which is focused on giving solution for industries.

PT. Citra Prada Rekatama will work hand in hand with you to troubleshoot, recommend and implement solution.
We bring our reservoir of knowlege and experience to achieve your goals make some improvment and also go green solution to bring efficiency and value.
with CPR, you don’t simply obtain a product you buy into our distinctive culture of “Customer Priority”
Values that have become our competitive advantage and your busines benefits

Connected to all our customer in all over Indonesia. We belive that most effective to serve you is to be near to you. We continue to expand our network-just in order that we can be near to your business.

PT. Citra Prada Rekatama believe that people are our most useful quality and asset, our focus is often on developing them to their maximum potential. Because of our continuous improvement culture, we have got with success place along the most effective individuals to serve you.


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